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Anh Ngữ Quốc Tế Bắc Mỹ

56 Lê Khôi, Phú Thạnh, Tân Phú

All the training courses applied at North America International English School - NIS are based on the “Direct Visual Interactive Method” which aims at facilitating the learners’ perception abilities, giving them more chances to practise their listening & speaking skills that will help them to do well in examinations and be successful in life. Technically speaking, the school is equipped with the latest interactive software to be used with the modern digital projectors enabling the learners to practise more frequently, thus improving their listening - speaking skills and pronunciation. All this will help develop, strengthen and broaden the learners’ knowledge throughout the training process. As a result, the learners’ listening and speaking skills are constantly improved, rendering them completely confident when communicating in English.
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56 Lê Khôi, Phú Thạnh, Tân Phú
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